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World Emoji Day

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

World Emoji Day

New emojis of Goose, Ginger, Maracas and symbol of Sikh faith Khanda

According to Emojipedia on 17 July was a World Emoji Day. So, some new emojis are designed and up for approval this September! Two pushing hands, a shaking face, and a Khanda (symbol of the Sikh faith).

Interesting fact: some analytics found that Indian users have wildly different ideas of what certain emojis represent. Some emojis like “loud crying,” “blowing a kiss,” and the peach emojis – considered like the most confusing.

46% of Indian respondents said that the skull emoji – represents death, while 35% – said it represents smth “so funny that they are dead”.

Here is a draft lift from Emojipedia includes all the emojis presented for approval:

World Emoji Day

Meta Made a New AI Research Tool

Make-A-Scene – it’s a new Meta AI research, that will help people create a digital painting without a paintbrush or instantly use text prompts to generate storybook illustrations. So, creators and their visions will be at the center of the process.

Some prior image-generating AI systems typically use text descriptions as input. But, the text input might not reflect exactly what you imagined. For example, you type: “Zebra on a bicycle”.

So, prior image-generating AI systems can draw too small bicycles or too large zebra. Too abstract.

A variety of elements of Make-A-Scene enables nuanced sketches as input. It can also generate its own layout with text-only prompts if that’s what the creator chooses. The model focuses on learning key aspects of the imagery that are more likely to be important to the creator, like objects or animals.

For a visual artist, it is a great opportunity to create a base composition, which simplifies the whole process. Although it hugely helps children to better express themselves, especially if they are used to playful drawings to bring their ideas and imagination to life.

The potential of AI is pushing creative expression forward, all steps should be intuitive and easy, so people’s expression will work best for them, whether speech, text, gestures, eye movements, or even sketches to bring their vision to life.

Meta is continuing to explore how AI can expand creative expression and continue pushing the boundaries of what’s possible using this new class of generative creative tools. Stay tuned!

World Emoji Day


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