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What Is YouTube Shorts

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

Over 5 trillion views on a short-form video-sharing platform YouTube. Impressive, ha?!

It’s YouTube Shorts, made for easy shooting, publishing, and stitching short videos (up to 1 min) right in the YouTube App. Now it is much easier to become popular on YT!

Like in TikTok you can experiment with different content, themes, and styles without being tied to one long video.

How to make YouTube Shorts?

1. Sign in account on YT

It's simple. Open the YouTube app –> sign in to your account/ create a new one –> click the "Create" icon –> select Create Shorts.

2. Shoot the video on your phone

Make a short vertical video on your cell phone and experiment with the settings available, such as: changing the playback speed, using a filter, adding subtitles, merging several videos into 1, and more.

3. Choose a soundtrack

Add music or audio effects from other YouTube videos to your video. You can use any soundtrack for which there are no restrictions.

4. Edit and Publish your creation

Delight your friends and subscribers with new content - there are no restrictions and no special equipment is required.

YouTube Shorts – is one more way to be more spontaneous on the Internet! For business, it is a good opportunity to become closer to a community!

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