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What Are Instagram Notes & Why Are They in Your Inbox?

Instagram Notes allows you to send brief messages (similar to Post-its) to people you've added to your "Close Friends" list or who have followed you.

Above your direct messages in your Inbox, you'll see Instagram Notes.

They are limited to 60 characters and vanish after 24 hours. Direct messaging allows users to respond to Notes.

How to Use Instagram Notes?

You'll see a new Notes area at the top of your Instagram Inbox page.

Here you'll find any Notes that any of your followers (who you follow) have created.

To add a new note, press the plus sign:

After entering your message and choosing who you want to share it with, click Share.

A message asking you to send a DM will appear when you tap on a Note.

Keep checking if you haven't yet seen Instagram Notes. It is still distributed to users across the entire app (excluding those in the UK, the EU, and Japan).

What do you think of the new Notes feature, then? Will you attempt it?

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