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Top Instagram Metrics 2023

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Once you know how to analyze metrics – you are always on top. Primarily, switch your profile to a business, if you still didn’t. Open Instagram Insights –> switch to the “Content” – voilà! Here is all data about your regular posts, Stories, and any promotions.

8 Essential Instagram Metrics to Measure Performance

1) Reach

Shows the number of unique accounts seeing in your post, awareness, and value you’re gaining.

Insights it shows:

• did your hashtags work?

• is CTA (call-to-action) optimized enough?

• was it the right time for posting?

2) Sales

Instagram’s built-in shopping features drive sales by directing people to the link in their bio to shop and giving access to key sales metrics.

Insights it shows:

• amount of traffic your content drives

• what converts into actual sales

3) Engagement Rate

Shows how well your audience is responding to your content.

Insights it shows:

• whether your followers are commenting, liking, saving, and sharing your content

How to calculate ER?

The total number of likes and comments /follower count x 100, so this will give you a percentage.

To remember:

If ER is high – large of your followers are actively engaging with your content — it’s very cool!

If ER is low – content isn’t resonating with your followers, choose another time to post.

4) Instagram Stories Views

Help to build a really strong relationship with your audience! Insights it shows:

• tracking your view count taps forward, and tapping back – will tell you what really resonates

• each individual story slide has its own metrics — including replies, impressions and navigation

• helps to learn what holds your audience’s attention, what they tap back to, and what causes them to skip away

How to measure Stories success?

1) Check out the Rate The watch-through rate helps to see the % of people who followed your stories from beginning to end.

How to calculate Stories ER?

Watch through rate = Final story number of views / First story number of views x 100

2) Completion Rate Per Story

Shows the % of viewers watching the entire length of the slide (rather than clicking away after one second).

What about Instagram Reels ER?

Reels are fun and engaging, also – hugely increase brand awareness. View comments, likes, save, reach, and interactions.

How to calculate Instagram Reels ER?

Reels Engagement Rate = # of Reels interactions / Reels Plays x 100

5) Followers

“Followed” and “Unfollowed” metrics show exactly how many followers you gain and lose each day.

Insights it shows:

• understanding what content helps to grow your followers, and what content results in a spate of unfollows

For example, if you share the post –> see mass unfollowing –> the post was a miss with your audience.

It’s time to change the content plan.

Followers are just human after all, so don’t get too hung up over it. They can unfollow due to a number of personal reasons. Pay attention to how to make a community of «your» people.

6) Traffic

Links from Instagram Stories to the link in your bio – may lead to constant traffic. So, with the help of Google Analytics, you can monitor exactly how many clicks your website and Instagram Stories link stickers get.

7) Saves

With Instagram saves, users collect and save a post for later, simply by tapping the “bookmark” icon in the bottom right corner of an Instagram post.

Insights it shows:

• the number of saves gives an understanding of what content prompts the highest number of saves and use this to inform your future strategy.

8) Shares

Make eye-catching and useful content, so people would like to share it with friends.

Analytics can be overwhelming, but if you keep your focus on these 8 Instagram metrics – you’ll be able to reach new audiences and grow your community.

Top Instagram Metrics


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