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Top 5 Social Media Trends In 2022

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

1. Shorter videos will rise in popularity

Short-form videos are more easily accessible to brands than longer ones. Through videos, companies can deeper connect with their online audience, highlight their products and create awareness about any topic. Reels and Tik-Tok will become more popular than in 2021.

2. Brands invest more in social media commerce

Every social media platform is now improving the customer shopping experience in order users could complete the purchase without having to leave the app.

3. Creators matter

Youtube, Snapchat, Instagram and Tik-Tok all invested in their own versions of a creator fund so that people, who create unique content, can monetize their art.

4. An increase in livestream video shopping events

Livestream events allow users to interact with host, ask questions and purchase right there without leaving a house.

5. Micro influencers will ride a wave of popularity

People trust influencers more than they trust traditional media channels and care more about the features of a product than the brand itself.

Social Media Trends

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