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TikTok Launches a Talent Manager Portal for Creators

Updated: May 11, 2023

The newest TikTok feature makes it simpler for creators to work with brands (and vice versa).

TikTok creators can request talent managers to use the Talent Manager Portal to oversee, manage, and carry out brand relationships.

We're explaining why TikTok's Talent Manager Portal makes sense for the platform and how it'll make creator collaborations more efficient.

tiktok talent manager portal

What is TikTok’s Talent Manager Portal?

A talent manager can do the following after signing into TikTok's Talent Manager Portal:

  • Control deal flow

  • Discuss contracts

  • Managing creative criticism

  • Examine the campaign performance indicators in the report.

  • Manage the creative material that is shown to brands.

How Does TikTok’s Talent Manage

Portal Help Creators?

TechCrunch reports that TikTok would prioritize creator-branded content in 2023.

Why? Working with creators has increased brands' favorability by 26% and recommendations by 22%.

In other words, TikTok users believe in creators and will purchase the goods they recommend (or advertise).

This makes the Talent Manager Portal tool a logical move for the platform.


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