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Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Collaborative Tweets in Testing

"CoTweets" – collaborative tweets, could be coming soon to Twitter! The platform is now in the early testing stages of a new style of co-authoring a single tweet for 2 users. This feature

requires the approval of both participants and allows viewers to see more information about the co-authors – so, it will give influencers more ways to demonstrate engagement with a brand and increase engagement and visibility of Twitter too.

More Product Display Options in Pinterest

Pinterest rolls out new ways for retailers and influencers for promoting items available for purchase through the API.

Now businesses can tag multiple items in 1 pin, with no limits for pins with a single item or carousel. This feature is like AR shopping which allows multiple items to be presented in one place.

More Analytics for YouTube Shorts

YouTube continues improving YouTube Shorts. One of the latest updates – the analytics package, will give more insights into the reach and impact of content creators. YouTube now is all about deep analytics to help the audience attract new viewers.

Instagram Creator Marketplace in Testing

Instagram is developing a new Creator Marketplace to simplify collaborations for brands.

Creator Marketplace – will be a separate, independent site where people enable search for influencers as well as manage full-fledged campaigns from start to finish.

The site is in the early stages of testing and is open by invitation only.

Social Media News


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