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Meta News

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

No More Facebook Login Required for Meta VR

Log in Oculus account, on Facebook, or log in a Meta Horizon account, in Meta – is optional now.

It may seem like an easy way to engage more people in Meta, but it also serves to further the separation of Meta and Facebook as 2 completely separate entities.

New Paid Subscription on Meta

«Subscribe and support your favorite content creators!» – says new Meta's update. Like in Patreon you can sign up, then get access to the exclusive content of your favorite creator.

"Follower chat" – is one of allowing privileges for subscribers, up to 30 people can join a private chat with the creator, although there can be exclusively recorded videos. The update opens up a lot of interesting possibilities for influencer campaigns and for community building. Let's keep a close eye on its development!

Meta’s Helps LGBT Businesses become easy running

The collaboration Meta and the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce – new opportunities for LGBT+ businesses. Recently Meta has launched a new microsite for Pride (and beyond), which offers a range of services and tools, including certification training and financing options. LGBT+ users can easily find video instructions and suggestions from prominent LGBT+ influencers and business owners, which are very useful.

Realistic Meta Avatars is Coming soon

Improving the appearance of digital avatars was only a matter of time. Now avatars are cartoony and not as customizable as Meta wants them to be. A recent video shared by Mark Zuckerberg talks about plans for more realistic avatars in the future. Hope it won't be like “uncanny valley” territory, which is scary.

Meta News


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