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Instagram Collab Posts: Everything You Need to Know

Updated: May 26, 2023

Instagram Collab Posts

What Is an Instagram Collab Post?

Using the Instagram Collab feature, two users can share the same post to their feeds or Reels.

The tool, introduced in June 2021, enables you to co-author content with another Instagram user. As a result, the post will appear on both of your pages.

You'll be able to use and interact with each other's communities by sharing views, likes, and comments.

Benefits of Using Instagram’s Collab Feature:

  1. Expands Your Reach

  2. Increases Engagement

  3. Makes Collaborating Simple

How to Make a Collab Post on Instagram?

Step #1: After uploading your Reel or feed post, go to the share screen, and tap “Tag People”:

Step #2: Select "Invite Collaborator" from the menu in the bottom right corner. After tapping, look up and select the individual you want to work with:

Step #3: Once you've decided on your teammate, share the post as usual. The author will then get a request in their direct messages. The post won't go up until they grant your request.

Creative Ways to Use IG Collab Posts

  1. Promote Your Business

  2. Host a Giveaway

  3. Launch a Product

  4. Support a Cause

  5. Start a Challenge or Trend


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