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How to Identify Fake Account?

Updated: May 11, 2023

1. Inconsistent (Or Copied) Bio

Fake accounts with slight changes and discrepancies often copy a legitimate Instagram bio.

Pay close attention to the letters and numbers in the username. There is usually an extra number or symbol in the bio.

Another warning sign is that the account is fraudulent. For example, if the bio sounds like a machine wrote it, it uses a lot of hashtags or emojis.

How identify fake account

2. Spammy DMs

Fake Instagram accounts will often slide into your DMs pretending to be a reputable brand.

They'll send you a generic message and encourage you to visit another website or DM someone else with your information.

TIP: When an account DMs you, look at its profile. Check how often the report posts content (and if they reuse the same caption). A fake profile will often post all its content at once — if it even has any.

3. Random Comments on Posts

An account is phony if it consistently posts comments (or random emojis) unrelated to the subject of your article.

Do the comments on their blogs seem genuine to you? Are they promoting or selling anything? Are they monotone or in capital letters?

4. Offers Money or Promotes a Product/Service

Users of fake Instagram profiles are frequently given a chance to win free goods or make quick money.

Your personal information will be obtained by luring you, and you could then be hacked:

TIP: These accounts may occasionally pose as legitimate businesses to gain your trust (especially if the brand is running a giveaway or contest). Make sure to reread our advice before acting on it.

5. Follows A Lot of Accounts

A fake Instagram account needs to have followers to appear legitimate.

And the majority will employ the archaic #followforfollow strategy to attract followers.

It's probably a phony account if you come across one with a substantial following but few followers:

TIP: Compare how many accounts it follows, how many followers it has, and how many posts it makes.


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