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How to Find the Best Hashtags to Use?

Updated: May 17, 2023

How to Find the Best Hashtags to Use

1. How to find trending hashtags on Facebook?

Using hashtags seems to be simple. You create content for the social media posts, add words with #, and that’s it! The hashtags are ready. But whether those are relevant hashtags for your business and niche? Here’s how you can check it.

2. Use Mobile Apps

Using a mobile app, you can take advantage of the search engine's autocomplete capability. You only need to begin typing the keyword. Then, similar and well-liked hashtags will appear in the search results.

You must click on the hashtag to see how many posts are made using it. This option will provide you with a reasonably accurate user count. However, finding the most popular hashtag takes time because you have to click on each one manually.

3. Check websites with hashtags lists

We are all familiar with the websites that offer the best hashtags for copying and pasting into Facebook postings. They are relatively well-liked.

Most of the tags on those lists are broad tags arranged by popularity. Therefore, it's not a good idea to include well-liked (and all-purpose) hashtags like #love, #food, #business, #fashion, or #happy. They might even garner you a few likes. However, those hashtags will not aid in expanding your Facebook profile.

These tags are followed by millions of users, who create thousands of posts daily. As a result, your material has a high likelihood of getting lost in the noise.

Use relevant, specialized content related to your specialty if you want to increase social media reach and engagement.

4. Use Hashtag Generator

To find trending hashtags, we must type a keyword, upload a photo, or paste a URL. The hashtag generator will display common, average, and uncommon hashtags that include a related keyword.

Since the resulting list is long, you must choose the hashtags that best suit your requirements.

5. Conclusion

Does adding hashtags to Facebook posts make sense? You'll have to conduct your investigation. Keep in mind that hashtags only function for public posts on Facebook.

Undoubtedly, posts on social media containing tags receive increased attention because they are additionally more readable, interactive, and searchable.

Try out a few relevant hashtags in your posts over a week. Applying specialty keywords is worthwhile.

Examine your connections and reach. You could also gather all the hashtags mentioned using an Internet monitoring service and then compare which was more effective.

You can use it to design future campaigns and hashtag tactics. Next week, publish the same number of posts with identical content but no hashtags. Compare the results to your reach and engagement.


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