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Candid Stories

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Candid Stories

Instagram has always been a platform for sharing visually stunning content, and with the upcoming generation of users, there's a shift towards authenticity. In response, Instagram is testing a new feature called Candid Stories, which encourages users to share candid pictures taken with the Dual Camera function. In this post, we'll explore what Candid Stories is all about and what it could mean for the future of the platform.

The Basics of Candid Stories

Candid Stories is a new feature currently under testing on Instagram. It is designed to give Instagram users a chance to share more authentic moments with their followers. It works by sending a notification to users who participate, asking them to contribute a candid picture taken with the Dual Camera function. The unique thing about Candid Stories is that only "those who also share their own" can see these stories. This means that people will be able to see a more authentic side of their friends and followers, rather than just curated content.

Users who don't want to receive a notification can still participate in Candid Stories by capturing an Instagram Candid "from the Stories camera or the multi-author story at the top of feed." This makes it easy for anyone to join in on the trend and share their candid moments.

Gen Z and the Shift Towards Authenticity

Social media has become a vital part of the daily lives of young people, particularly Gen Z. In response, Instagram has had to adapt and consider the use of social media by this generation. Unlike the millennials who popularized the perfectly-curated feeds, Gen Z prefers a more laid-back and authentic approach to social media. They are less concerned about the visual perfection of their posts and more focused on sharing real moments with their followers. This shift towards authenticity has led Instagram to develop new features such as Candid Stories, which allows users to share unfiltered and raw moments with their followers. Through this feature, Instagram is catering to the needs and preferences of Gen Z, who value authenticity over the picture-perfect portrayal of their lives on social media.

The Future of Instagram

While Candid Stories is currently under testing, it could be a sign of things to come on Instagram. With Candid Stories, Instagram can become far more open and genuine, allowing users to share unfiltered moments with their followers and connect on a more personal level. This could lead to the end of flawless feeds, as producers broadcast real-time material and marketers show off their behind-the-scenes work.

Instagram's focus on authenticity could have significant implications for the future of the platform. Instagram users may see more features like Candid Stories in the future, as the platform continues to evolve.


Candid Stories is a refreshing change of pace on Instagram, encouraging users to share authentic and unfiltered moments with their followers. With Gen Z leading the charge towards authenticity, Candid Stories is just one example of how social media platforms are adapting to the changing preferences of their users. If Instagram decides to roll out Candid Stories, the site may become far more open and genuine, allowing users to share unfiltered moments with their followers and connect on a more personal level.


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