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Candid Stories

Alessandro Paluzzi, a developer renowned for finding unreleased features and software upgrades, first shared this feature, which was formerly named Candid Challenges:

A notification will be sent to users who participate in Candid Stories, asking them to contribute a candid picture taken with the Dual Camera function.

Only "those who also share their own" can see Candid Stories.

And if users don't want to receive a notification, they can also capture an Instagram Candid "from the Stories camera or the multi-author story at the top of feed."

Instagram has had to consider Gen Z's (an upcoming generation) use of social media as it develops.

In contrast to millennials, who popularized perfectly-curated feeds, Gen Z prefers less gloss, fewer filters, and less time spent considering captions or the ideal viewpoint.

Even while Candid Stories is currently under testing, the site may become far more open and genuine if Instagram decides to roll it out.

We might be seeing the beginning of the end for flawless feeds because producers broadcast real-time material and marketers show off their behind-the-scenes work.

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