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5 Insta Engagement Secrets

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Instagram engagement isn’t just number of likes and followers, it’s more about how well people react to your content.

Here is 5 ways to increase Instagram engagement that will influence the year 2022


It works like your first impression to your target audience. The content needs to be definitely to the point, because people tend to have a minimal attention span and if you reached them within that, you win

2️ Interactive features on Stories

Polls, questions, link stickers, location — don’t forget about them while creating your Stories

3️ User-Generated Content (UGC)

Showing real people using your product or services in real life can connect you with audience much stronger than standard add

4️ Stay in touch with your audience

Ask questions and listen to people. It makes them feel involved. Polls on Stories will make it easier

5️ Be authentic

In 2022 it’s better to be honest than make picture perfect. Share memes, backstages, introduce the real life and people behind your brand

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