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5 Content Planning Tips For Your Brand And Business

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Tip # 1

List Your Content Themes

Make a list of the content topics you could be posting to your account and refer to it whenever you're low on content or ideas on what to post.

Tip # 2

Keep a Note with Hashtags

Create a list of all the potential hashtags you could use in your phone notes and when you come to posting just copy them and paste as the first comment on your post on Instagram.

Tip # 3

Set Your Posting Schedule

Check your Insights to find out when your followers are mostly online. Make a note of these times and set reminders in your phone to post then!

Tip # 4

Download a Planning App

Such apps like Planoly or Content Office allow you to upload images to a Grid Planner and arrange them so you can see how your feed will look before actual posting.

Tip # 5

Spare a Day for Content Creation

To make content creation less stressful you can set "batched days" in your weekly schedule where one day is dedicated to your Instagram. Then you will have ready-to-post content for a whole week.

Content Planning Tips


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