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What are 10 things a website should have?

All the business thing is about «no pain, no gain.» So you put all your attention on Facebook ads or Instagram Templates but forget about the base. But to get real benefits of your business is to have a great website as a must.

10 things your website should have to empower business:

1. Determined Purpose

Every time someone lands on your site, clarify 2 things:

  • What for customer is here?

  • What a customer should do?

2. A Simple Web Address

People should find your site easily. Put your brand name in the web address.

3. Professional branding

Logo, fonts, imagery, and the colors of every little thing on your web are essential.

NOTE! Choose 2-3 colors, be minimalistic but still informative, and lead your website's purpose.

4. Easy Navigation

There are many Menus: dropdown, scroll-triggered, hamburger... Make it just as much intuitive as possible. People will love it.

5. Easy Contact

Place your phone, email, and website form visible so everybody can reach you easily.

6. Strong CTA

Every website has a purpose, empowered with a solid call to action. Don't be rude, but find the right balance to lead customers.

7. A Mobile Version

80% of the web traffic is – mobile. Make sure you have a proper Mobile version of your website so it loads quickly and provides a good user experience.

8. Optimized Content

Your customers like relevant and informative content. Search engines – like optimized content. Pay attention to what you post, to attract more potential customers.

9. Testimonials

People like to make their decisions based on others. So give your customers the possibility to leave reviews.

10. Track your Analytics

Set your website goals, so Google Analytics or Pixel could give you scuh information.

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