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Reels Updates 2023

Updated: May 26, 2023

Reels Updates 2023

Do you like making video content? Great, little star, it’s your time to shine! New Reels Updates are all about making features on Instagram much easier and more fun to collaborate, create and share Reels.

1) Reels Merge.

Very soon on Instagram, there will be just 1 video format – Reels. That doesn’t mean, that every video has to be a dancing video or a lip-syncing video, but it means that when you create a video on Instagram, you’ll have access to all tools.

2) Reels Templates.

If you go tab and tap on the camera, at the bottom you’ll have a templates option, which will show you a bunch of different Reels Ideas. Sometimes everybody needs a little inspiration. You’ll quickly and easily make a Reel that’s yours with your content using a format or a structure that someone else might have done that maybe inspires you or speaks to you.

3) Make a Reels Remix from photos

New formats are available: picture in picture, green screen, and top-bottom instead of just left-right. And the ability to add a video at the end of a video, or append it as another form of remixing.

4) Dual camera

You’ll take advantage of all the cameras on the phone these days.

There are a lot of updates this week on Reels, we are so excited! All these features will greatly help us to make your business great again!


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