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How To find Influencer

5 Tips&Tricks to Find a Perfect Influencer for Your Business.

  • Monitor Relevant Hashtags

Set time aside to monitor your tagged posts, comments, DMs frequently, and branded hashtags to find influencers and creators already engaging with your brand.

  • Look at Who Your Target Audience Engages With

Select anywhere from 10 to 15 followers who represent your target audience, and check out their following lists.

  • Consider Micro-Influencers & Creators

Working with multiple Nano influencers can be an effective strategy if you're looking to tap into small, hyper-niche audiences.

  • Follow Industry Podcasts, Events, Newsletters, and Blogs

Pay attention to events, podcasts, blogs, and newsletters like Later's free weekly newsletter.

  • Look at an Influencer & Creator's Key Performance Metrics

Always do analytics, and always ask for analytics. Then, repeat. Too many bots on the web now, so watch out.

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