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Grow on Instagram in 30 Minutes

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

Grow on instagram in 30 minutes

Grow on Instagram in 30 Minutes ⏰

We love to explore feed-friendly content tips too, but let us to give you some tips how to do it faster

Once you've done all you can to create great content, it's time to move on to some organic tactics that you can control more directly.

Matching these proactive growth tactics with 3️⃣ posts and stories per week will result in more leads over the next month.


  • Engage with new follower accounts that fit your target audience.

  • Scroll or search the Explore page and engage with posts or reels made by your best-fit audience.

  • Engage with content under the top 3 hashtags used by your target audience.


  • Engage with the content of 20 community members.

  • Follow up on 10 direct message conversations to check in.

  • Add 5 people to your Close Friends list, share something valuable, and message them to let them know about the very important story waiting for them.


  • Respond to the stories of the warmest leads.

  • Use your offer as an example in your stories.

  • Go through three past posts per day and edit the caption to include a call-to-action (CTA) within the first few sentences.

  • Ask viewers to click the link in your bio to access XYZ.

  • Reshare on stories and save to relevant highlight.


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