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Does Posting Memes Affects Your Statistic?

Updated: May 17, 2023

Does Posting Memes Affects Your Statistic?

Every social media manager is trying to find ways to increase account statistics. To engage your audience, you need different types of content - educational, sales, and, of course, entertainment.

Entertainment content also includes memes, which have become an integral part of any social network.

The results of Social Media Today's research indicate that comparing their overall social media performance against the previous 3 months before they started posting memes, they have seen a 12% increase in sessions from social and a 16% increase in users. Here are some more facts about posting memes.

Research says that posting more general memes work better than trending ones. Of course, it also depends on memes if they're genuinely humorous, but trending topics have sometimes been less popular.

Every meme is a risk. Some things you believe are common with your followers may differ from what you think. You must understand your niche and your audience, which requires some experimenting and lots of tries.

Some people may take them seriously or personally, no matter what memes you post. Unfortunately, it happens anyway. Everyone has a different sense of humor and world perception. Be ready for that, and don't cross the line.


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