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5 Influencer Marketing Trends to Watch in 2023

Updated: May 11, 2023

1. Less Filters & Curation

The newest social media trend is perfectly imperfect content, and influencer marketing is increasingly embracing this idea.

The perfect curated feed style is losing popularity as creators publish less filtered and more real-time information.

Influencer Marketing Trends

2. The Rise of "Stock Content”

It`s hard to produce original material every day.

Creators can devote more time to cultivating relationships with followers when they have ready-to-use movies and images.

This trend should be on your radar because platforms like Grid Bank are emerging to help fill content calendars with stock content.

3. More Long-Term Collaborations

We anticipate that this trend will continue in 2023 after having maintained steady in 2022.

Influencers will seek out recurring collaborations with brands rather than a single post or video.

A long-term partnership is an investment that benefits both sides.

It increases credibility and fosters trust among the influencer community. It will also increase sales!

4. Micro & Nano Creators Are Exploding

When marketers work with nano- and micro-influencers, their product recommendations appear more genuine since they have active communities to draw from.

And this year, businesses are putting even more of a focus on these creators, providing them with a ton of options to expand their audiences and generate money.

5. Live Shopping Partnerships

Influencers use live video to advertise things, and their community reacts to what they see in real time.

The inclusion of this trend in your influencer marketing strategy for 2023 is a no-brainer given its capacity to instantly contact a large number of individuals.


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