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5 Facebook Advertising Myths

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

1. Facebook ads won't work for my business

59% of global social media users are on Facebook. These are real people, and they are interested in hundreds of different things, including your product/service.

2. You need a lot of money to get started

This is not true. Facebook's settings are very flexible, and you can set any budget you want and algorithms will search for users with in your price range.

3. People ignore Facebook ads because they are annoying

Definitely not true. Facebook ads are only shown to those who will find them interesting and valuable.

4. Boosting a post is the same as running a Facebook campaign

They are two very different things. Boosted posts have one purpose: to increase post engagement and impressions. Facebook campaigns run with the specific intent behind them, for example, a conversion campaign targets those most likely to convert.

You can get amazing results for $1 a day

Unfortunately no, this is not true. By running ads, you are actually buying data from Facebook. For $1-2 you cannot get great results because the budget is not enough to get the data.

Facebook Advertising Myths


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