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10 Predictions for Social Media Marketing in 2023

Updated: Jun 10, 2023

1. More Publications Suggested by AI

Your Facebook feed will increasingly contain content from Pages and users you don't follow.

Brands may benefit from more opportunities due to Facebook's algorithms, which will try to show your top posts to even more people, including those who are not already part of your audience.

predictions for social media marketing

2. Avatar Integration

One method for Meta to increase interest in the metaverse is by incorporating its digital avatars into additional areas of the App.

Avatars will likely become a primary means of communication and engagement in the metaverse itself through video chats, posts, and status updates.

3. Click to Message Ads

Meta will emphasize new solutions to assist brands as more conversations. Marketers could expect to see even more ad alternatives that fit with this change due to Meta highlighted the growth in Click to Message advertisements for Messenger and WhatsApp.

4. Augmented Reality Experiences

Meta will work to increase interest in AR posts and glasses, which will offer a variety of additional features and in-app experiences.

The AR glasses from Meta are still in development but are anticipated to go on sale to the general public in the second half of 2023

5. More AI-recommended Content, More Reels

Like Facebook, Instagram relies on AI content recommendations to increase user engagement, even though this change hasn't been entirely welcomed.

Additionally, anticipate Instagram to retest its full-screen feed feature, perhaps with a select group of users that watch Reels/Stories more frequently.

6. Next Level Integrations

Instagram will add-in new forms of content creation in 2023, including AR and 3D posts, further integration of NFT art, and other unique content forms that can be showcased in the app.

Expect additional creation tools like GIFs generated from Instagram Live Photos and the direct integration of 3D creation tools from its Spark AR platform.

7. Live Shopping

Instagram is still experimenting with live-stream shopping, but it might push this in the future by adding a new tab to the app that will show a full-screen, continuously updated feed of live shopping videos.

Early in 2023, a further significant announcement regarding live shopping.

8. AR and More Interactive Ads

It then opens up new potential for companies in the form of augmented reality advertisements and interactive ad formats that will engage users in brand-new ways.

As part of IG's efforts to encourage more advertisers to embrace this radical transition, new AR ad formats will soon release alongside improved scanning and ingestion procedures.

9. Live-stream Commerce and Shops

Live-stream shopping has yet to take off with Western users but TikTok is determined to make it work to increase income and give creators another way to monetize their work.

In-stream shops, which have also been a significant component of Douyin, will eventually appear on TikTok in various forms.

10. New Creator Payments

Tik-Tok is trying out new models to get its top stars paid. It is expected TikTok will test out a payment process similar to YouTube’s short-form video program, which produces the top-performing videos as a percentage of all ad intake based on views.


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